Critique Elements

  • Research Problem
  • Review of Literature
  • Theoretical Framework
  • Research Hypotheses
  • Variable
  • Research Design
  • Sampling Method
  • And Other!

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Critique Process

  • Read the Entire Study Carefully
  • Examine the Organization
  • Identify Terms You Don't Understand
  • Identify the Strengths Objectively
  • Suggest Modification

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FAQ on How to Critique a Research Article

All You Need to Know about Our Working Process

how to critique a research articleHow to critique a research article? Sounds familiar? If you are one of those who are asking this question then you are probably having a hard time figuring out what to do with your research paper. Critiquing scientific papers require in-depth knowledge on various methods that are applicable to the task such as understanding the topic on hand and be able to determine whether it should be pursued or not. With that being said, not everyone can take on qualitative critique on their own which is one of the reasons why they need help when they need to do critique of scientific paper. For those who need assistance, you should consider hiring our writing service for critiquing qualitative research because this is where our expertise lies.

FAQ on How to Critique a Research Article

How to critique qualitative research articles?

Just like in learning how to critique a quantitative research article, you need to understand what is being asked of you thoroughly. From there, you will need to gather information and choose facts that are applicable to your essay. You will then write your findings in a professional and coherent manner to be submitted to your teacher within the given deadline.

Which services you provide?

Our research critique services can handle essays, research papers, reaction papers, lab reports, case studies, coursework, and even reaction papers. We also offer editing services in case you already have an existing paper that you need someone to go over with.

What if I’m not satisfied with what you’ve returned to me?

If you’re not happy with the results, we will revise your paper as many times as possible until you are satisfied with our work. If not, you can always get your money back because we have money back guarantee in place.

How to place my order?

Fill out the form on our site, pay the fee, and we’ll assign a writer to take care of the work for you.

Will you finish my work on time?

Yes, we’ll make sure that we’ll finish your order on time.

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how to critique a quantitative research articleIt doesn’t matter if you will need to write a critique for qualitative research in psychology, marketing qualitative research, or even sociology qualitative research because we will be able to pair you with someone who is knowledgeable about your subject matter. Our writers are not just chosen for their writing skills but for their background because we want to be able to assign the right writer to our clients based on their order. We take pride in the fact that our customers are happy with the work of our writers and editors when they order for a critique because this is what our service is all about. What’s even better is that our rates are considerably cheaper compared to others which means that even if you are on a tight budget, you will still be able to get the best results from us. Why look for another writing company when you can get the best deals from us?

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writing a critique paperFor those who want to learn how to critique a research article, our service is the best place to learn all the tricks there are to get the best output. What we can offer are samples as well as advice from our professional writers when it comes to critiquing scientific research papers so you will know what to do next time. Aside from this, we’ll be able to provide you with a unique paper that will definitely impress your readers.

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