Critique Elements

  • Research Problem
  • Review of Literature
  • Theoretical Framework
  • Research Hypotheses
  • Variable
  • Research Design
  • Sampling Method
  • And Other!

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Critique Process

  • Read the Entire Study Carefully
  • Examine the Organization
  • Identify Terms You Don't Understand
  • Identify the Strengths Objectively
  • Suggest Modification

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How to Write a Quantitative Research Critique Paper?

quantitative research critique paperNeed help with your quantitative research critique paper? You are not the only one who seems to be looking for professional help with their paper as dozens of students find it difficult to produce a professionally written critique on their own. Critiquing scientific papers is not an easy thing to do especially when you have to do research and analysis before you can proceed to the writing part. Add to this your other projects and the time you will need to finish your critique will be cut. What can you do then? Why hire a professional writer to handle your qualitative critique of course.

How to Write a Quantitative Research Critique Paper

  • Understand the topic. First things first. When you need to critique a sociology qualitative research paper, you will need to understand its entirety first. The same rule applies to qualitative critique. This is important because you will need to do research on the topic.
  • Determine its validity. Is the topic valid? In order to determine whether your marketing qualitative or quantitative research is valid, you need to determine whether your findings answer a specific question raised in the paper or not. This is important because you will need to determine this first before proceeding to critiquing qualitative research itself.
  • Research and analyze. For you to be able to hand in a professionally written quantitative research critique paper, it is important that you have enough evidence to back your statements up. This means conducting research and analysis using appropriate methods to get the data you need.
  • Write the paper. From the analysis you’ve done, you will need to write what your findings are so that your readers will get an idea on what you have discovered regarding the topic.
  • Edit your work. Before you hand in your critique for quantitative or qualitative research in psychology or any topic, it is important that you proofread and edit your work. This way, you’ll be able to correct any mistakes you’ve made and revise weak paragraphs as needed.

3 Steps to a Good Critique of Quantitative Research

It is not too late if you are still unfamiliar of crafting a critique paper. These five steps are quite feasible to execute this paper.

  • Identify your position with the introduction that needs to have the thesis statement. The starting lines must have an overview of the study. Write important arguments for a certain position.
  • Try to present the draft in the coherent and logical manner in the main body of text. The important questions and thesis statements with the proper evaluation of the study are included in this part too. Discuss the major points that raise numerous questions about the study. In this way, you can be able to bring the best points to assess the study.
  • The main points of the essay are summarized in the conclusion part. It is the third major component that defines the structure of the critique paper. These three types are included in the structure of the critique paper.

Need Help with Your Critique of Quantitative Research?

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