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What You Should Know about APA Qualitative Research Paper

Is APA Style Quantitative Paper Difficult?

Writing an qualitative research paper is one in which you will have used people’s opinions and experiences to gain the information for your research. Often they are harder papers to write than quantitative papers and many students will struggle with their analysis and other sections of the paper. Our specialist services can provide you with qualified and proven support for writing a qualitative research paper.

how to critique a qualitative research article

Qualitative data use very much depends on the subject in which you are working and the specific problem that you are trying to research. An analysis of medical journals by —- showed that just over 6% of the paper within the journals looked at used qualitative methods, while over 90% used quantitative methods. Qualitative methods generally use people’s opinions rather than solid numbers as used in quantitative research.

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How Should You Structure Your APA Format Qualitative Research Paper ?

Writing an qualitative research paper should be done with great care if you are to get the final result that you need. As with any research paper, it must be perfectly formatted, in this case to apa format qualitative research paper, and structured correctly for your course. Check out our sample qualitative research paper below. Typically your paper will follow the structure outlined below:

  • Title Page: this should always be carefully formatted according to your course and will usually include the descriptive title of your paper, your name, and the program that you are studying.
  • Abstract: depending on the level of your paper this is a brief summary of your whole paper that should be between 150 to 250 words in length. This should provide sufficient information and keywords for any researcher to know what to expect from your paper.
  • Introduction: this section of your paper should provide the reader with a good overview of what your research and the subject itself is about. It should always end with the hypothesis around which your paper is being written.
  • Methodology: this part of your paper should clearly show the reader how your research was undertaken. The detail provided should be sufficient for anyone to replicate the study that you have undertaken.
  • Results: as the name suggests this section will provide the reader with an understanding of what results were gained from your research. Usually, questionnaires, focus groups or other qualitative methods of data gathering.
  • The discussion: this section places your findings within the context of the available literature and gives you the opportunity to interpret what they mean. You may want to review any limitations to the findings and also other questions that may have been generated.
  • Conclusions: sum up what you have found and show why what you have discovered is important and what its implications are.
  • References: as with any scholarly work you must ensure that you give credit to all of the works that you have made reference to within your paper.

*Check out the professional example APA below:

professional qualitative research paper example apa

How Should Your Paper Be Formatted?

An qualitative research paper needs to be laid out, structured and formatted in a very precise manner according to the American Psychological Association guidelines. Failure to follow their guidelines to the letter could see your paper being rejected out of hand.

Typically this will mean:

  • Using a 12pt font, double-spaced
  • 1-inch margins on all sides
  • Title, abstract, reference, figures, and tables should have a page of their own
  • There should be no page break between the introduction section through to discussion and conclusions.
  • The whole paper should be written in the past tense
  • Reference page should have all references cited correctly

qualitative research apa writers

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